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Every working professional in today’s world can benefit from learning how to optimize their email inbox. Whether you own a small business or you’re a project manager at a start-up, there are email management tools created for your specific needs. We’ve compiled a list here of some programs that we recommend for keeping your inbox under control.


(1) MixMax

MixMax is an app that works as an extension of Gmail. It has a range of features designed to make sure nothing slips past you.

    • Share your calendar
    • Embed polls & surveys
    • Track emails precisely
    • Schedule email sequences
    • Automate your busywork
    • Sync the tools you love

Best for: startups/small businesses who are looking to expand how they use G Suite


(2) Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free email management program developed by Mozilla that allows you to check multiple email inboxes at once.

  • Simple design lets you focus on the features you actually need
  • Do Not Track and remote content blocking features ensure your emails are secure
  • Extensions and themes offer many options for customization

Best for: solopreneurs who want to seem as if they have a team backing them


(3) Streak

Streak is a Google Chrome extension that offers CRM features directly in your Gmail account. It is more user-friendly than some competitor CRMs.

  • In-depth read receipt information (who has read your emails, where they were opened, and how many times they’ve been viewed)
  • Sort your inbox data however you like
  • Create and share a timeline of your emails, notes, tasks, files, etc.

Best for: medium-sized companies who don’t want to spend too much time learning how to use a more complicated CRM option


(4) Hiver

Hiver is another Google Chrome extension that’s great for making the most of your Gmail inbox. It’s great for managing shared email accounts, and like Streak, it offers the features of a CRM right in your Gmail inbox.

  • Assign emails to individual members of your team
  • Comment on items in your inbox without having to forward/CC/etc.
  • Options to automate repetitive tasks

Best for: small teams that want to up their customer service game using Gmail


(5) Front

Front is an app focused on making it easy to engage every member of your team in the customer experience.

  • Busywork can be automated easily
  • Comments, shared drafts, and team inboxes make collaboration simple
  • See everything at once with all your inboxes accessible in one place
  • Easily integrated with the apps your business already uses

Best for: bigger teams that don’t want to lose the human aspect of their customer service


(6) Drag

Drag is a great app if you’re looking for a way to keep everything in one place. The app lets you run your entire workflow from your email inbox.

  • Shared inboxes are great for collaborative tasks
  • A variety of task management features keep your team’s workflow on track
  • Internal team chat feature makes constant communication simple

Best for: teams that want to streamline all aspects of their workflow

These are just a few suggestions, but there are endless options out there. When considering which tools to use, make sure to keep your team’s specific needs in mind. You may even find solutions to problems you didn’t realize you had!

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