Interstellar Support Virtual Assistant Claire Hawkins

Claire Hawkins

Virtual Assistant

A native New Yorker, Claire is a lover of all things creative. She received her bachelor’s degree from New York University, where she completed a double major in Recorded Music and French language. To date, she has lived in four countries, and has no plans to settle down in one place any time soon! Claire is passionate about folk music, budget travel, and foreign language, and is always open to a good book recommendation.

Interstellar Support Client Care Specialist Dejaih Smith

Dejaih Smith

Client Care Specialist

Dejaih lives for communicating with others and building lasting relationships through personal interactions or content that converts. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Music from the University of St. Thomas, TX. Being a method marketer and content vault has helped her discover better and next opportunities, specifically in the ever-evolving digital marketing industry. From content curation to blog writing, she has been tremendously effective at conveying messages and visions to a brand’s intended audience with measurable results. Her industry experience is broad and has afforded her countless opportunities to work with people from many ethnic, economic, and professional backgrounds. She’s currently an aspiring polyglot and opera singer. Dejaih believes problem solving and imagination go hand in hand and looks forward to assisting clients in reaching their business goals by thinking outside the box.

Interstellar Support Business Manager Molly Mandje

Molly Mandje

Business Manager

Molly is an organizer who weaves complex problems into tidy solutions by appreciating nuance and narrative. Her practicality is from Maine, of which she is a many-generation native. After graduating as a first-generation college student, Molly took advantage of one of those great times of life upheaval and threw a dart at the US map, ending up in Boulder, Colorado. Tech jobs led her to Germany and then New York City, and now the Pandemic of 2020 welcomes her to Maine. It’s anyone’s guess as to how long that will last.

Along with her Catalan husband and three children, Molly is chasing quality of life and hoarding joy, all while reading 500 pages a week.

Interstellar Support Client Care Specialist Ron Fowler

Ron Fowler

Client Care Specialist

Ron has worked several positions within his IT career and enjoys gathering customer requirements and testing software. He also likes to stay current with the information technology trends. When not taking walks or hiking with his wife he enjoys reading, disc golf, fishing and jogging. His 2 kids are grown but the entire family still enjoys getting together and playing in the backyard while cooking out. Ron had a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Franklin University in Columbus Ohio.

Interstellar Support Web Developer Sumar Qualiton

Sumar Qualiton

Web Developer

Sumar is a truly passionate WordPress Developer from the Philippines who started working in 2014. She’s helping the team with the development and custom back-end solutions to meet customer’s requirements and satisfaction. She likes to learn new things every day.
In her free time she loves to travel and make memories of fun at the beach, to discover the simple joys of nature and everything around her.

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