2022 Service Agreement Terms


If you’re interested in working with Interstellar Support, please reach out to our support team at hello@interstellarsupport.com to receive a copy of this service agreement to sign.

Terms agreed to in your tech support service agreement:

Scope of Services

Services that Interstellar Support provides include website support, technical support, business systems support, and virtual assistant services. Some platforms or systems may not be supported; please inquire with our team about your specific needs. Custom websites, customized websites built with a pre-made theme, and custom business systems solutions are services provided by Interstellar Support’s sister companies, Alchemy+Aim, North Star Sites, and AndTech Solutions LLC. Should you need any of these services, your client care specialist will connect you with a representative from the correct team for a quote and proposal.


The current rates are as follows:
+ Standard Tech Support – $95/hr
+ Standard CRM Specialist Support – $75/hr
+ VA Support – $50/hr
+ Video Editing Support – $95/hr
+ Other Support (Administrative) – $50/hr
+ Other Support (Non-Technical) – $50-150/hr
+ Escalated Tech Support for non-members – $150/hr

Escalated Tech Support

In the event that a request requires a senior-level developer or team member to address it, your client care specialist will let you know that the request is being pushed to the Escalated Tech Support team, where different hourly rates will apply. This will be communicated to you before work proceeds, so you will fully understand the associated financial investment.

Weekend Rate

Weekend rate applies to work requested to specifically be done between 4pm EST on Friday and 9am EST on Monday. Weekend work must be requested at least 5 business days prior to the needed date. We cannot guarantee the ability for requested weekend hours. There is a surcharge of 25% for any after-hours work.

Rush Work Rate

Rush rate may apply to work requested to be turned around within 48 hours, unless you’ve contacted us in advance about a launch period during which you need support. The current rush rate is a 20% surcharge.

Main Contacts

For tech support requests and help, please email the Interstellar Support team at support@interstellarsupport.com. If you need strategy help for your website or business, please let your client care manager know so additional support can be arranged.


Please let us know if you would like an estimate for the work requested before we proceed. We do our best to complete work within estimated timeframes, but unexpected issues can arise. If additional time beyond one (1) hour of the estimated time is needed, the Interstellar Support support team will let you know, so you can decide how you would like to proceed. Estimates for tech support work are not contractual agreements, but rather a general guideline for work to be completed at our current tech support rate.


Please let us know if you need additional support or explanation at any time. We do our best to make sure we advise clients to the best capacity that we can, but if you are unclear or uncertain about anything, please communicate that to us so we can help you more fully.

Billable Time

In addition to technical support requested, all time spent advising you or your team, researching based upon your requests, or speaking with your or your team on video or phone calls will be billed to you.

Larger Projects and Work Orders

Projects with estimated completion times over 10 hours may require a deposit or may need to be scheduled in advance. We will let you know if this applies to any request and create a work order in the event that it does. This work order is deemed accepted upon verbal confirmation via email or upon receipt of the deposit associated with the work order.

Monthly Maintenance

Interstellar Support offers Monthly Maintenance packages for WordPress theme and plugin updates, security monitoring, and off-site backups. A separate maintenance agreement is required.


Hosting through Interstellar Support is available only to members. A separate hosting agreement is required.


You will be invoiced for any work done in a given month at the beginning of the next month. Fees are due within 15 business days of the invoice date. Any fees not paid within thirty (30) days of Interstellar’s invoice may incur late fees of ten percent (10%) for every thirty (30) days overdue. If any unpaid amounts are referred to collection, you shall promptly pay or reimburse Interstellar for all costs of collection, including related attorneys’ fees. If you need an invoice sooner for any reason, please let us know by emailing us at accounting@interstellarsupport.com.

Delivery & Acceptance

Upon the completion of any Requested Service, you shall have five (5) days for evaluation. At the end of such time period, it shall be deemed that you have accepted the Requested Service unless you provide written notice of rejection of such Requested Service, including reasonably detailed information about the reason for rejection. If you reject a Requested Service, Interstellar will provide an updated estimate and timeline to complete corrections, amendments or other changes necessary to resolve your objections to such Requested Service.


Interstellar Support agrees to obtain prior permission from you before incurring any added expense not previously discussed. This includes, without limitation, fonts, plugins, site widgets, images and stock photography. You must supply Typekit or Cloud Typography logins if needed to render particular fonts on your site correctly.

Speed & Cache, and Hosting

Telecom, internet connectivity, and hosting service restrictions are out of Interstellar Support’s control and Interstellar is not liable for performance issues rooted there. Interstellar Support may suggest a cache plugin, but professional configuration of any cache plugin is required for optimal performance, and Interstellar Support cannot be held liable for performance issues caused by cache settings.

If Interstellar deems your host to have problem with speed or other server issues, we will request you move to a new host and suggest some alternatives. If you choose to stay with your current host, you agree to recognize that speed/site issues may affect the amount of work that can be completed within the given period of time.


Interstellar Support acknowledges that it may, in performing the Services for you hereunder, have access to or be exposed to Client Confidential Information. Interstellar shall hold confidential all Client Confidential Information and shall not disclose or use such Client Confidential Information without express written consent from you. Interstellar Support shall treat all confidential information with no less than reasonable care and shall return or destroy all such information upon termination or expiration of this Agreement.

Our team at Interstellar Support is global, so please note that you may see access of your systems from different countries. If, at any time you have any concerns, please email our team at support@interstellarsupport.com.

Client Purchases & Liability

Interstellar has no liability whatsoever for your purchase of third-party services related to the Site hereunder, including but not limited to Internet hosting, telecommunications fees or domain name registration. If you request it by specific written authorization and provides advance pass-through payment, Interstellar may make such third-party purchases on your behalf in order to provide efficient delivery of the Services, but has no liability for these purchases.

Term & Termination

The term of this Agreement shall begin on the date this contract is signed and continue in effect until December 31, 2022. You have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason or no reason, upon ten (10) business days prior written notice and payment of all amounts due and owing as of the date of termination. Interstellar Support may terminate this Agreement upon notice for your material breach of obligations hereunder, including but not limited to the nonpayment of fees.


Neither party hereto shall be liable to the other for indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages (even if such party has been advised of the possibility of such damages). In no event shall Interstellar Support’s liability under this agreement exceed the amount it has been paid, less expenses, for services provided. All claims shall be brought within one (1) year of the date they are or reasonably should have been discovered.

The Client and Interstellar Support agree that any controversy or claim for money damages arising out of or related to this Agreement or Interstellar’s work with or termination by the Client that is not resolved by the parties shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its National Rules for the Resolution of Disputes. Said arbitration shall be conducted in the state where Interstellar Support is registered. The parties further agree that the arbitrator may resolve issues of contract interpretation as well as law and award damages, if any, to the extent provided by the Agreement or applicable law. The parties agree that the costs of the arbitrator’s services shall be borne by the Client. The parties further agree that the arbitrator’s decision will be final and binding and enforceable in any court of competent jurisdiction. In addition to the A.A.A.’s Arbitration Rules and unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, the following rules shall apply:

(1) Unless the arbitrator finds that delay is reasonably justified or as otherwise agreed to by the parties, all discovery shall be completed, and the arbitration hearing shall commence within (60) days after the appointment of the arbitrator.

(2) Unless the arbitrator finds that delay is reasonably justified, an award will be rendered within thirty (30) days of the completion of the hearing.

(3) The arbitrator’s authority shall include the ability to render equitable types of relief and, in such event, any aforesaid court may enter an order enjoining and/or compelling such actions or relief ordered or as found by the arbitrator. The arbitrator also shall make a determination regarding which party’s legal position in any such controversy or claim is the more substantially correct (the “Prevailing Party”) and the arbitrator shall require the other party to pay the legal and other professional fees and costs incurred by the Prevailing Party in connection with such arbitration proceeding and any necessary court action.

(4) Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions listed above, the parties expressly agree that a court of competent jurisdiction may enter a temporary restraining order or an order enjoining a breach of and/or enforcing the terms of this Agreement without submission of the underlying dispute to an arbitrator. Such remedy shall be cumulative and nonexclusive, and shall be in addition to any other remedy to which the parties may be entitled.

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